Seeds of Melanin is a Holistic Wellness Company. Thru food, love, and spirituality our goal is to help you heal on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.


I asked Charita to do my meal preps for 5 days a week for lunch and dinner. By the end of the week I was asking her to do two additional meals for the  weekend. Her meals are hands down the best you would not think you were eating a vegan meal.


I purchased the herbal detox tea and hair oil. I received my order in a timely manner. I loved the cute little containers the herbs came in. The herbal cleanse tea was high quality and worked very well for me. I absolutely love the hair oil. Within 3 weeks of using it my hair was getting longer and I saw a big difference in the thickness. The oil lasted a long time so you get a lot for the price. I would definitely recommend Seeds of Melanin to anyone looking to obtain better health.


I was in a bad mental and spiritual state when I started my journey with Seeds of Melanin and its arguably one of the best ive ever made. Sometimes you just need a little help in the right direction and my transformation has been nothing short of amazing. From help with meditation, literature, Tarot Card Readings, and just the support has all been so worth it. Ive never known this peace, Ive never been this excited about life just because


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Our mission is to help you throughout your self healing journey. We are not licensed medical professional and any information obtained from this site are suggestions based on personal experience. As always please feel free to contact a licensed medical professional for additional concerns